How to start your business in UAE as a foreign international?

Posted on 20th, Dec 20

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most thriving countries in the world. Great business ventures get welcome in the UAE, including foreigners. If you are dreaming to have a business setup in UAE, You can definitely win the game by adhering to its standards.

UAE has a flourishing economy, which is well suited for new ventures. Before starting your business, it is important to know about the country and its procedures.

The type of company

First of all, you can decide how to set up your company. Will it be sole entrepreneurship or LLC? Sole entrepreneurship gives you ultimate freedom; you have control over its operations as well as profit. Such an endeavor is fruitful if it is a dashing success. Latter is an LLC, where there will be shareholders and the company’s profit or loss will be equally shared. To start an LLC, you must have fifty-one shareholders who hail from UAE.

What if you want to open a branch in UAE? It is a different thing. In such a case, you own full control as a parenting company.

start your business in UAE as a foreign


The business environment

The greatest advantage of starting a business is the support of the government. They support foreigners entering into business by providing incentives. The incentives depend upon the kind of industry and business entity. It is comparatively easy to get registration and license for a new business by meeting the capital requirement. So, it is important to start a business abiding by its legal procedures.

How to set up your business

You need to determine the place and the name of your company. After that, secure the business license. The government official in the free zone or Economic department ensures the chosen trading name is acceptable or not. Your license also depends upon the type of business. From commercial to professional endeavors.

To get all legal procedures, you must provide the following documents:

  • The application form for starting a business
  • The letter showing your purpose
  • All documents and signatures of shareholders
  • Other documents of shareholders

It is also mandatory to register your business online and constantly track all accounts. You can make use of renowned accounting software for accurate performance.

In a nutshell, starting a business in UAE as a foreign national pays off. The country’s economic status, encouragement from the government, and fair legal procedures are boosting factors. Business consultancy services have great expertise and finding one helps you a lot. Learn more to start your business in the UAE as a foreigner with a quick call to +971 555 393936.