How to get approval from National Media council for your publishing house in the UAE?

Posted on 24th, Dec 20

Are you eager to commence your own publishing house in the UAE? It may sound good but it is not a piece of cake. There are many publishing houses and magazines across the United Arab Emirates. The people here are voracious readers and want to be informed engagingly. The reader’s response is high and the government has strict laws; to abide and start your business is the key to success.

National Media Council Dubai

Have you heard about the National Media Council?

To start your publishing business, you need to get approval from NMC. The national media council is a government institute for promoting and regulating all media-related activities. It is a federation that controls all activities related to publishing and media. Thus it ensures the UAE government’s activities are trustworthy, comprehensive, and high quality; when broadcasted national and international level.

The following requisites are mandatory to get approval from the National Media Council Dubai.


Each country has its own rules and regulations. You need to have a UAE residency visa to be the owner of a publishing house. If not, you will get a fine or send to imprisonment. You should not be an imprisoned person and must have twenty-five years old to be the owner. Besides, your trading license must contain your prospective publishing activity.

It is well known that the Free zone offers many benefits for business, that includes publishing firms. You can commence your business in the mainland and offshore rather than free zone. If you are planning to start a business in the free zone, you need to submit a letter, along with these steps.

  • Your trading license
  • Form for NMC application
  • Your self-declaration as an owner; about publishing activities.
  • Submit intricate details of your publication

You are requested to submit all the details of your publication no matter its type. If it is a magazine or daily, you need to articulate minute details. You must answer these questions with sound information.

  • What kind of content you are intended to publish?
  • Does it contain any misinformation or banned content?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • How will you use content?
  • What is the language for your publication?

Likewise, you also need to provide information about your editor and the owner of the company. They also want all information about your magazine, which includes its digital presence. In a nutshell, starting your business is not a big deal. All you need to get approval from the National Media council Dubai.