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Masdar City

Masdar City is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies and is set to become a leading global center for renewable energy, research, development, implementation and investment.

Main Benefits

  • 100% ownership.
  • No tax on corporate gains or personal incomes
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Exemption from import and export duties

Masdar City is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies and is set to become a leading global center for renewable energy, research, development, implementation and investment. Masdar City offers all benefits one would associate with special economic zones, though with a unique focus on clean technology and renewable energy, and in a business – friendly and entrepreneurial environment that offers.
Established in 2006 Masdar City is a key pillar in Abu Dhabi's much broader vision toward sustainable economic development and diversification, and the fostering of knowledge-intensive industries.
Situated 17km from downtown Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is a high-density, pedestrian-friendly development where current and future renewable energy and clean technologies are showcased, marketed, researched, developed, tested and implemented.

Business Licensing Segments in Masdar City

In light of its climate and geography, Masdar City will focus on attracting firms and pursuing research in the following areas of the renewable energy and cleantech industries: solar, green building, water, power storage, smart grids, efficiency appliances, electric vehicles and waste.

More specifically, partner companies and organizations looking to set up in Masdar City should operate within one of the following fields:

  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Transmission and Distribution
  • Air and Environment
  • Recycling and Solid Waste
  • Green Building
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • System Applications
  • Network and Infrastructure
  • IT Service
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy-Efficiency Equipments
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Transportation
  • Organic Products

In addition to these areas of focus there are six activites for which Masdar City is ideally suited as a base of operations. They include:

  • Demonstration
  • Research and Development
  • Business
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Finance

Advantages of Setting Up Business – Masdar City Incentives

  • Quick and easy set up with a one-stop shop for registration, government relations and fast-track visa processing
  • Zero percent import tariffs
  • Zero percent taxes on companies and individuals
  • No restrictions on capital movements, profits or quotas
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No currency restrictions
  • Hiring of expatriate staff
  • Gateway to the vibrant market opportunities of the Middle East and Asia
  • Outstanding logistics network incorporating air, sea, road and eventually rail
  • A safe, friendly working environment
  • A high quality of life
  • The opportunity to maximize corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Strong IP protection framework

The other advantage of doing business in Masdar City is their proximity to MENA region. Masdar City is located in the heart of the fast-growing markets of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia – regions hungry for clean technology and renewable-power products and services, driven by strong economic and demographic growth and increasingly supportive regulatory environments and government-level policy commitments to sustainability goals. The Middle East and North Africa cleantech market is expected to be worth US$100 billion by 2014.

Setting Up Process in Masdar City

Setting up a business in Masdar City requires planning and decision making through different phases. This involves deciding the business activity and confirming with Masdar City, preparation of comprehensive business plan, choosing legal structure for business, estimating required human work force etc. The business registration or licensing process can be completed only after depositing the minimum capital mandated by the Masdar City in a bank account. A company being formed may have either an individual shareholder or corporate shareholder or both. The incorporation process requires the shareholders to sign the documents in the presence of Masdar City representatives.

Types of Legal Entities in Masdar City

An individual or a corporate entity can set up and do business in Masdar City being registered in any of the following legal forms:

  • A special economic zone limited liability company with individual shareholders
  • A special economic zone limited liability company with corporate shareholders
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Branch of a UAE based company (including companies incorporated in other UAE special economic zones)

Large companies registered in Masdar City

Numerous global players in the renewable energy and sustainability industry have alredy recognized the benefits of locating in the city. Siemens will locate major corporate facilities, including a Centre of Excellence for Smart Buildings, in the city, while GE will build its first ecomagination Centre focused on sustainable business solutions here. Other partners include BASF, Bayer MaterialScience, Korea Technopark Association, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Schneider Electric and Swiss Village Association.

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