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It is very important to have a clear picture of the financial health of any organization for its management to know where the organization is heading. For the picture to be clear, the financial information has to be collected regularly in detail, recorded systematically, meticulously organized and professionally reported. We, as accountants, unburden you to allow you spend your valuable time on other important business processes.

At SOCPROLLECT, you will come to know our accountants are not just accountants. They sit down and talk business with you, listen to your past experiences, your present and future goals and expands the discussion without you even knowing it. At the end of discussion, you would have identified your options yourself and our accountants would have flowcharted plans to achieve your business goals. You will be surprised that our accountant was serious in his discussions, on seeing your plan well charted into future. Your organization may be small or medium sized, starting up, organizationally complex or family, SOCPROLLECT accountants have the expertise to manage your financial operations.

We do not stop with just Accounting. We research your industry along with our work. When we commit an accounting job for you, we devote our hours not just to do the accounting. We visit you also to update accounting related developments by collecting details about your business and industry. We make reports assisting you in business analysis and expression of opinion on financial statements. We assist you with planning for your cash flow, fund flow and financing needs and estimating costs through budgeting and forecasting.

Accounting Outsource

Your company is growing but do not require an internal accounting staff. You can outsource accounting to us if this is your case. Accounting may be outsourced for a lot of other reasons too. The question is, are you looking for full-time, part-time, temporary or ongoing staffing? We have the systems of

  • Daily Accounting – Accounting done by our staff for a short time period daily. This can be done at our or client’s office premises based on the client’s preference.
  • Periodical Accounting – Accounting at fixed intervals, which may be weekly, monthly, quarterly or based on a frequency preferred by the client.

Enter your office seeing it properly maintained and with the confidence of getting all information promptly on an effortless click or gesture of your hand. Do not you think this atmosphere and confidence are stimulants to run your business the whole day with high productivity? At the end of the day you again see that office is still properly maintained, documents well arranged and more confident of instant access to information. Now you are excited about the next working day. When it comes to financial information, it is the practice of meticulous book keeping which facilitates these. Our bookkeeping experts do exactly this.

With book keeping services such as monthly operating statements, bank reconciliations, general ledger, balance sheets, financial graphs and budgets, we can help better management of your business.

Organizing Books of Accounts

Everyone has a chance to begin their systematic accounting process at any point of time in their business. Many entrepreneurs feel aversion towards debits and credits and keep postponing the book keeping process. It is very difficult to implement the book keeping process for first time for a running business unless assisted by an expert accountant who is willing to take all burden. Our accountants do just that. We relieve you from this kind of stress by organizing the books of accounts beginning with the basic activity of filing documents including bills and vouchers.

Special purpose accounting and verification jobs

There are certain bookkeeping, accounting or verification jobs required for special purposes and not recurring periodically. This may involve inspection of documents or transactions for specific characteristics, comparison and analysis of data and preparation of ad hoc reports the objects of which may be to provide specific information to users within your company or to third parties such as banks, regulatory agencies, investors or prospective purchasers.

Accounting Systems and Controls

Starting Up Businesses - Are you starting up your business? We assist in designing, developing and implementing internal accounting systems and controls suited to your business operations.

Running Businesses – It is not prudent to keep accounting procedures, systems and controls static. These have to be periodically restructured due to the industry developments, technological advancements and security issues. Our team assists in this restructuring process studying all the factors influencing your business.

Our inclusive list of accounting services

  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Monthly and Year-end closing assistance
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Verification of accuracy of customized accounting software
  • Accounting Systems Design
  • Ensure proper filing of documents
  • Compilation and Finalization of Financial Statements
  • Forecasting and Projections

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