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About Us

All organizations look for business advisors with whom the management can build and maintain a perfect rapport with ease. We step in at this point because We Are Business Advisors who deeply care for rapport with our clients though we strive for perfection and are very straightforward on providing the right advises to our clients. We feel we should not be in this business if we are not so.

We established SOCPROLLECT in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the intention to assist and advice business entities on the best business practices for Company Incorporation Dubai, Company Formation Procedure In Dubai as well as other UAE free zones. We provide our clients with expert knowledge and advice such as the procedures and cost company formation Dubai.

We are

  • Accountants
  • Advisors on Business Practices in UAE
  • Business Consultants on Practicing Business in World’s Major Offshore Jurisdictions
  • Software Solutions Providers

Core Values

Aggressive Learning Attitude

We are aggressive in learning what is happening in the industry of our clients. We are insistent that none of our clients fall behind in the race for progress.

Open client communication channels

Our doors are open to any kind of suggestions from our clients. There is no suggestion classified as ‘immaterial or irrelevant’ when it is a suggestion from our client. Every suggestion from our client is taken with equal seriousness.

Our Environment

Client is our family member Our clients visit us often even if it is to discuss a simple business idea that popped up in their mind while having coffee. They feel excited to open their minds to us thanks to the homely environment maintained by SOCPROLLECT despite the strict rules of discipline followed by our employees. We know that environment makes a huge difference.

Employee Welfare

We vision our organization as a family of employees whose work and personal life are well balanced making them productive to their full potential.

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